The Clark Art Institute

Expanded and upgraded, The Clark embodies the dreams of art lovers and breeds more future art lovers.

225 South St., Williamstown

Our Review

Expanded and upgraded, The Clark embodies the dreams of art lovers and breeds more future art lovers. Just 3 hours from Westchester and Fairfield Counties, it has an elegant lake that adds beauty not only to the modern structure of the building but also the mountains in the horizon. Well maintained grounds and tiny trails at this institute are beautiful in their own right and enjoyable even on the busier days. The Clark houses not only famous paintings but also decorative art. All the walking and studying artifacts will get you hungry, but the convenient cafe and gift shop just outside ease the transitions.

The French Impressionists are visitors favorite that must be checked out. You can get close to the art to properly examine it which isn’t allowed in most museums. The plaza that overlooks the lawn and water cascades is a prized location at The Clark, undoubtedly. At least two days are required to fully take in the full splendor of this institute. There are always special exhibitions taking place which makes every visit new. Aside from everything, there is to see here, the landscape allows for a little hike if you’re up to it. Precisely part of the reason why two days will suffice.

Williamstown is the destination town to visit for a full cultural experience. Just a walking distance from The Clark is The Williamstown Theatre Festival. It lies 3 minutes via South Street and shows classics in an old England style. After The Clark, it’s understandable if you feel like picking up some antique or merch to remind you of your visit. Where’d You Get That?! has a plethora of excellent gift options! Do shop and have a casual look around their collections. If you’re a foreigner, Black Canvas Tours is the best way to learn faster and not lose time trying to figure out the wrong turn you took(although this can be part of the fun.) They’ll still bring you to The Clark but maybe not for a long stay.