The town of Becket is home to a beautiful blend of Berkshire nature and culture. In this heavily wooded area, many venture in to enjoy destinations such as Jacob’s Pillow and the Becket Quarry. Becket was formally established circa 1765, although it has been inhabited since about 1735. Developed out of dense wilderness, Becket still captures the essence of the forests surrounding it. That being said, there are still well under 2,000 people living in this town today. One claim to fame here actually stems from the development of the Congregational Church Society.  This church only accepted voluntary contributions of town and church members as opposed to utlizing enforced tax money. This model now spans across the entire country.

If you were to look at a map, Becket will be pinpointed on the eastern boundaries of the county. It is fairly central when looking vertically, but leans toward the southern section of the Berkshires as well. Surrounding towns (that are also in the county) include Otis, Tyringham, Lee, and Washington. Becket has plenty of woodlands, streams, marshes, and wildlife surrounding the homes and buildings. This has shaped Becket as a desirable location for fishing, camping, and hiking. Jacob’s Pillow creates a resort-like ambiance around itself and draws in both locals and tourists alike who enjoy the arts. The town is sprinkled with a handful of small restaurants and shops, including the Dream Away Lodge and Becket General Store, but certainly is not at the same level as cities such as Pittsfield. The pace of Becket is relatively relaxed, and it is evident that those who visit or live here are appreciative of the local customs and outdoors—a wonderful town to venture to.


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