Jack's Hotdog Stand

One Hotdog + Extra Nostalgia 

12 Eagle St., North Adams

Our Review

One Hotdog + Extra Nostalgia 

Family-owned since 1917, Jack’s Hotdog Stand is a North Adam’s classic. Inside, behind the simple diner-style counter, business owner Jeff Levanos gracefully conducts the chaos, leading an orchestra of hamburger patties and hotdogs, and steamed buns. 

Those with munchies beware: the cheese fries seem to order themselves at this place. Arguably the best hotdog within a hundred miles, make sure you order one with the housemade chili! Just a $1.45 for a dog, the prices are amazingly affordable, basically making an order of those fries a requirement. 

Work a stop into this local institution if you’re in the Berkshires. Check out Mass MoCA just around the corner, or the Berkshire Art Museum around the block. Jack’s Hotdog Stand is a must-visit as much for the charm as it is for guilty pleasure of a griddle cooked dog.