Pera Bistro

Pera is a popular Mediterranean

60 Spring St., Williamstown

Our Review

Pera is a popular Mediterranean bistro-style eatery with roots directly from Turkey. Visitors can find Pera in downtown Williamtown near Williams College. The bright white door pops against the remainder of the brick building making it hard to miss. There’s typically a few places to sit out front and a variety of lush plants that garnish the entrance as well. Pera ceaselessly strives to capture and deliver the essence of warm and flavorful Mediterranean dishes for guests to enjoy. That being said, exotic spices are thoughtfully paired with fresh, farm-grown Berkshire County ingredients here. The healthy fare and calm atmosphere create an all-around pleasant dining experience.  

Pera’s namesake was derived from a district within Turkey, where merchants would congregate to trade, sell goods, and celebrate culture. It’s also where the owner of Pera, Fahri Karakaya, spent tens years—both working and living. There’s a wide array of food offered daily, and none of the items are deep fried. Specialities include kabobs, hummus platters, stuffed grape leaves, fresh tabouli, falafel, wraps and more. Most menu choices are completely made from scratch and in house. There’s also plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. 

Pera is next door to Images Cinema—a local, independent, non-profit theater. They have over a thousand screenings each year in addition to their own scheduled events. The venue has continually added to the culture in Berkshire County for over 100 years and celebrates filmmaking as an art form.