Located in the southern region of Berkshire County, Monterey is surrounded by Tyringham, Otis, Sandisfield, New Marlborough, and Great Barrington. It was formerly a part of Tyringham until 1847. The town is typically quaint and quiet for the most part. There’s under 1,000 residents calling Monterey home, and most live around Route 23. However, nestled into the surrounding wilderness, there are a few cozy—and delicious—places to stop and grab a bite to eat. 

Monterey has a few lakes, such as Buel and Garfield (named after an early settler), where locals go to relax, swim, float, and enjoy the scenery. There’s also parts of Beartown State Forest that overlap in town—which has a section of the Appalachian Trail within it. This town consists mostly of wooded areas, so there’s a good amount of authentic nature to explore and take in.


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