New Marlborough


New Marlborough is a relatively large, rural town in the Berkshires. It is located on the southern border of Massachusetts, directly above Connecticut. Within the town there are actually five separate villages: Clayton, Hartsville, Mill River, New Marlborough Village, and Southfield. There are also multiple rivers—that were used in part for mills—that run right through the town and feed into the Housatonic River. Beyond the rivers and the forests, there are also a few swamps around as well. 

As with many of the towns in Berkshire County, there’s a great deal of nature surrounding the architecture. However, throughout New Marlborough, there are New England style homes, churches, and a library. These structures add touches of both culture and historic character to the area. On another note, the dining options available in New Marlborough, such as Cantina 229, are flavorful and unique—they are definitely worth visiting while in the county.