West Stockbridge


West Stockbridge is home to a collection of classic Berkshire County nature: hills, ponds, streams, and woods. The Williams River actually runs right through the town. It’s just one of the many pieces of natural beauty in the landscape. Also in town, Turn Park Art Space has an immersive collection of outdoor art and sculptures for the public to enjoy—filling the area with local character and culture. Additionally, there’s a bunch of antique stores, furniture stores, art galleries, and places to grab a bite to eat.

When entering the quaint downtown retail area, watch for the eclectic collection of shops and restaurants. There’s enough variety for everyone to have a good time. West Stockbridge has a great range of outdoor recreation, too. Olivia’s Overlook offers miles of beautiful hiking trails and a scenic view out over the Stockbridge Bowl (off of the main parking lot). Just down the road, Steven’s Glen has a collection of adventurous bridges, waterfalls, streams along its trails. There’s plenty to see and take part in here, be it outdoor or indoor.